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pre filter
Medium effeciency
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Chemical filter
Modules and HEPA Box
EN1822 Auto Scan System
EN1822 Auto Scan Testing System
*MPPS Test
HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter: H10-H14
ULPA: Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter; U15-U17

Each filter is individually tested with thermally generated DOP aerosol. The filter is certified to have a minimum guaranteed efficiency and the results of DOP test are indicated right on the table. This has been the industry test method for many years. It is conducted in accordance with EN-1822 using an Auto Scan System to test HEPA/ULPA efficiency. By measuring the upstream and downstream concentration of these particles, the filter efficiency can be calculated. The filter is classified according to the test results in the range H10-H14 for HEPA, U15-U17 for ULPA.


  1. On a flat sheet of media, the MPPS is determined for the given media velocity. This can be done with a laser spectrometer or a combination of electrostatic classifier and CNC (Condensed Nucleus Counter).
  2. The filter is assembled with the specified media grade and amount of media to comply with the defined media velocity.
  3. The filter is challenged with an aerosol and at the MPPS both the local and overall efficiency is determined with either a CNC or laser spectrometer.
  4. Leaks are specified as maximum allowable local penetration at the MPPS and must not exceed 5 x the overall penetration.
  5. The filter is classified according to the test results in the range H10 – H14 for HEPA, U15 – U17 for ULPA.

ASHRAE 52.1 – 1992 Testing System
ASHRAE 52.1 – 1992 Testing System

AIRREX uses ASHRAE 52.1-1992 Testing System (equal EN799) to measure the efficiency of ASHRAE Grade Air Filter. Under rated airflow, by using NBS method and AFI method to test air filters efficiency, initial pressure drop, dust holding capacity and etc.

  1. Arrestance at rate airflow vs amount of dust fed.
  2. Initial Pressure Drop vs Flow Rate
  3. Pressure Drop at rate air flow vs amount of the dust fed.
  4. Dust Holding Capacity.
TDA-35 Leakage Test Equipment
TDA-35 Leakage Test Equipment

All HEPA/ULPA Air Filters can be scanned to detect the pinhole leaks by using liquid aerosol.

  *MPPS (Most Penetration Particle Size)
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